ASTM standards

Pavement sealants are manufactured using “Refined Coal Tar Grade RT-12” (RT-12) meeting ASTM D490 – 92 (2011) standards. The refining process description and classification of RT-12 are fully described in ACCCI (1994). The process of making RT-12, the base material for refined coal tar-based pavement sealants (RTS) is described in ASTM D490-92. The sealant is an emulsion manufactured and applied according to ASTM standards. Relevant standards are:

• D490-92(2011) – Standard Specification for Road Tar
• D5727/D5727M – 00(2011)e1 – Standard Specification for Emulsified Refined Coal Tar (Mineral Colloid Type)
• D4866/D4866M – 88(2011)e1 – Standard Performance Specification for Coal Tar Pitch Emulsion Pavement Sealer Mix Formulations Containing Mineral Aggregates and Optional Polymeric Admixtures
– Specification for D5727 sealer after the addition of aggregates and/or polymers.
• D6945/D6945M – 03(2011)e1 – Standard Specification for Emulsified Refined Coal-Tar (Ready to Use, Commercial Grade)
– Ready to use D5727 sealer for commercial applications.
• D6946/D6946M – 13e1 – Standard Specification for Emulsified Refined Coal-Tar (Driveway Sealer, Ready to Use, Primary Residential Grade)
• D3423/D3423M – 15 – Standard Practice for Application of Emulsified Coal-Tar Pitch (Mineral Colloid Type)