Information Quality Act Request for Correction #4 (Submitted April 16, 2014)

This link leads to the fourth Information Quality Act (AKA Data Quality Act) Request for Correction (RfC) filed by PCTC to challenge USGS information. The previous 3 were filed to the US Geological Survey itself. This, the fourth RfC, was filed to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which used the unsound science promulgated by the USGS without any public indication that EPA had reviewed the information. There was no hearing, no request for comments from the public, no acknowledgement of peer reviewed or any other information challenging the USGS “science” – it looks very much as though someone inside EPA simply decided to adopt and spread the USGS activist agenda.  The RfC is posted on EPA’s Information Quality web page along with subsequent communications from EPA regarding the request.

RfC #4: EPA’s Reliance On Outdated Studies Results in Challenge of Two Publications Regarding Refined Coal Tar-Based Sealants