PAHs in Air

The USGS team has been busy – sediment, house dust, quantitative risk assessments, volatilization into air. It’s remarkable that two hydrologists can be experts in so many areas of science! asked scientists with expertise to evaluate the USGS volatilization studies. The review is available here. The reviewers found, to quote from their report, Based on our analysis, we find that the two papers recently published by Van Metre and coworkers (2012) overstate the volatilization of PAHs from coal tar sealers. These papers employ a set of modeling assumptions and experimental study design approaches that consistently bias their findings to overestimate PAH volatilization from sealed parking lots. By now, is not surprised to learn that the USGS team exaggerates. Sigh! commissioned two post-publication peer reviews of the USGS volatilization papers. The two reports are discussed in more detail here, with all relvant links.