Pavement Magazine Column March 2016: PCTC Expectations for 2016

PCTC’s March 1 column in Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction Magazine focuses on expectations for interactions with governments in 2016.

It is now routine every year that proposals to ban RTS are introduced at the town or county or state level in different parts of the country. When PCTC knows about proposed bans ahead of time, it has always supported local efforts to defeat the bans. In 2016, PCTC again asks sealcoaters to keep an eye out for proposed bans in your area and let us know. As was predicted years ago, pro-ban activists are no longer content to just ban RTS. PCTC is aware of at least one community has passed an ordinance that may impact asphalt-based sealants as well. Help PCTC help your business by watching and listening in your part of the world.

The column includes updates on the status of PCTC’s Information Quality Act filings as well as its Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the USGS. PCTC has learned that it’s not alone – that science on other environmental topics conducted by the USGS and a sister agency within the Department of the Interior is being scrutinized by others – see here and here.

Read the full column here.