San Antonio Express-News Op Ed: “Coal tar sealant ban a bad idea”

The San Antonio, Texas, Express-News published an Op Ed by Jim Craven, owner of the Parking Lot Store in San Antonio on June 17, 2016. Mr. Craven explains that sealcoating is a pavement maintenance program:

Driveways and especially large retail parking lots are capital investments that increase the value and functionality of a property. Proper maintenance can extend the life of asphalt surfaces as much as 300 percent. Sealcoating is the best way to protect pavement.

Banning refined tar-based sealant (RTS) is a bad idea because of the superior performance of RTS compared to other available sealants, lasting longer and providing greater protection. Further, a ban would cost jobs as well as incur additional costs on property owners, business, and pavement contractors:

Factoring in unemployment payments, the estimated direct annual costs to property owners, businesses, employees and contractors would be more than $14 million a year and more than $70 million in only five year

Mr. Craven concludes:

Public policy should be informed by true science, not advocacy dressed up as science.

PCTC agrees. The entire Op Ed can be read here.


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