Welcome to PCTC’s renovated PavementCouncil.org

Welcome to PCTC’s renovated web site! It features a fresh look, with new navigation tools. On the right side of the page, some of the most useful content of the web site, such as Contractor’s Corner and Application and Product Specifications, can be found with a click.  Popular pages, such as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), are still accessible by clicking on the page ribbon below the new PCTC logo. The Tag Cloud on the right side of the home page makes it easier to find posts related to specific topics. For example, click on the word “standards” in the tag cloud and posts related to sealcoat standards/specifications will be listed. On the new site, the latest posts will always be shown on the home page, with new content at the top. Pages listed in the ribbon at the top, Categories at the top right, and the tag cloud below the list of Categories are where to go to find specific content.

While the renovated site is now live, some older content continues to be updated and the renovated site is still being tweaked during the break-in period. In particular, adding tags to older content is an ongoing project. If you are interested In a specific topic, check back in a few weeks to see if additional information has been tagged.  Thank you for your patience.


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